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Testimonials on Custom Jewelry

I am the proud owner of many Beadjoux pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Many of these were custom-designed for me by Shelley -- for a special event, to go with a particular outfit, etc. Others were pieces I saw in her inventory that I simply had to have. Each piece is unique in materials and design, and each displays the hallmarks of Shelley's work: impeccable fabrication, original design and use of materials; careful attention to detail. From the overall design of a piece to the intricacies of a clasp, Shelley brings an artistic vision unlike any other I know.

Now, one might ask questions about the temperment of such a gifted artist. What happens if I order something and don't like the design? What if I want it larger, smaller, longer, shorter, glitzier, less glitzy???? Here is where you see Shelley's absolute commitment to customer satisfaction. Her first goal is for every one of her customers to be thrilled with the piece -- and she will go to any end to make this happen. She is gracious, accommodating, helpful, and totally responsive to your needs -- a joy to work with.

To wear a piece designed by Shelley Bond is to wear a piece of art. You will be noticed, you will receive compliments, you will be asked questions about your piece. Best of all, you will feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. Thank you, Shelley, for the beauty you bring to our lives.

—Ginny Lee, Redwood City CA

"Shelley's work is great, and she's great to work with! She's created many pieces for me, and I've purchased pieces from her inventory as well. I prefer to wear light, small necklaces, and Shelley has created pieces that fit my preferences exactly. I get compliments every time I wear a Beadjoux necklace!"

—Erin Ferree, Belmont, CA

"Shelley's original jewelry does justice to the beauty of the beads and the unique style of the wearer .... and she's a joy to work with. It's art without a temperamental artist."

—Kathleen Deamer

"Shelley Bond worked with my husband to create a beautiful one of a kind necklace incorporating a one hundred year old bottle for a Valentine's Day gift for me. I was so thrilled with this gift, I asked Shelley to create for me another necklace that utilized my love of the ocean and beach using beach glass. I cannot say enough great things about Shelley's artistry and ability to incorporate her clients ideas into jewelry which will be passed down for generations. I have shared Shelley with my friends and colleagues by inviting her to display her artwork at corporate parties in the real estate industry. She has been a tremendous hit and women of all ages love her designs. Shelley will be quite famous someday and I am truly blessed to own her artwork! "

—Julie Ziemelis, Los Gatos, CA

Besides doing beautiful, high-quality work, Shelley is simply fabulous. She's easy to work with and is a patient and attentive listener. She's adept at taking what you say you want and creating the piece of jewelry that you meant you wanted. Shelley stands behind her work 100%. If something needs adjusting, she's happy to do that for you. It's a treat to work with her, and I love wearing her pieces. I've been a customer of Shelley's since 1998 and I have quite a collection!

—Risa Galant

Shelley has found a "niche" market for large, beautiful women. She is creative and original, but listens primarily to her client's requests!

—Elizabeth Breuer Stacy

The only thing that seperates Us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.
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