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Handmade Jewelry

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The top piece is a pendant strung on a leather cord.  The bottom half of this pendant is a big hunk of turquoise, with a sterling wire curving around it.  The top half is a circular, gray stone topped with a round, aqua-colored, funky, recycled glass bead from Africa.  The closure is a sterling silver toggle clasp.  It is a long necklace and a bit heavier — and more interesting! — than your usual pendant necklace.  

Retail Price:  $150.

To the right is a pendant made from a 2" long piece of sea glass.  It is adorned with sterling silver wire, white and black freshwater pearls and crystal.  It is topped with a round, turquoise bead and an aqua-colored, freshwater, stick pearl.  The cording is aqua leather and there is a sterling silver toggle clasp.  This is a long and light necklace.  (I have many colors of sea glass in sizes up to about 2".   You can choose the color of the sea glass and I'll embellish it for you.  (Prices vary based on cost of materials and labor time.)  

Retail Price:   $140.

In the bottom of the picture are a pair of earrings.  This pair happen to be clips which sit against the earlobe, with the freshwater stick pearl and shell dangling freely.  (There are many earring designs possible with beach glass — both clip and pierced — and many different colors.)  

Retail Price:  $150.

I have a whole line of designs that I make using beach glass, pearls, crystal and silver wire.  I have a favorite pair of earrings that have 2 pieces of aqua beach glass linked together on one ear, and one larger piece of beach glass on the other ear.  I love the asymmetry of that design.  I also make a necklace with 3 or 4 pieces of beach glass, each piece of glass separated by a large pearl or a shell or a large piece of crystal and then linked together.  Light, unusual and special.  Call me and we'll talk about a design for you.

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