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The aqua "nuggets" in this necklace are made of acrylic.  In person, the color is a fairly uniform, yummy aqua, and the blown-glass and lampworked glass beads are very gold in color (not the yellow they may appear on some monitors).  The lampworked vessel on the left is by Kate Fowle.  The areas of darker aqua beads are bead-woven seed beads.  The clasp is made from a glass button, a copy of an antique button.  Both of the bottles are antique and probably date from the mid-late 1800's.  I made a bead-woven stopper for the top of the long, thin center bottle.  These bottles are dug up from the sites of old privvys and they have a lovely patina.  Originally they typically would contain medicines or poisons. I've collected these glass bottles for years and since I make jewelry out of most of my favorite things, at some point I realized that I had to incorporate these bottles!  This is a very big necklace, 2 strands and long, but not very heavy thanks to those acrylic beads.  (I also make pendant necklaces on thin leather cording using just one of the tube-shaped blue bottles with the bead-weaving on the top of the bottle. I also have a few small bottles in amber and one in cobalt that could be used for your necklace.  I sell the one-bottle pendant necklaces for about $160.)

Retail Price: $1000.

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