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This piece was inspired by the recycled metal centerpiece fabricated by one of my favorite people, Rochelle Ford (  To her greenish-gold centerpiece I added some green beach glass, pearls and a little brass.  There are  a couple of areas where I did some beadweaving on the centerpiece.  There is also beadweaving on the side of the necklace (the ring) and on the toggle clasp.  The big stones are of some unknown (to me, anyway) heritage, but sure look a lot like recycled or beach glass.  (The vendor from whom I bought those beads swore they were natural, however.)  The brass beads at the top, and the round brass piece in the toggle are from Africa.  This necklace is weighty. (I love these centerpieces.  I have many more in various, fairly subtle colors -- gold, peach, grey, dusty blue, green...)  As usual, prices vary based on cost and time to produce.  

Price: $700.

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