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About My Custom Jewelry Design Work

My web site works more as a sample book or portfolio than as a catalogue.  Many of the items pictured were made and sold in the past.  Most of my work is one-of-a-kind.  I do update the photos so occasionally there are pieces that are still available for sale.  If you see something you love and want a similar piece, it is likely that I can find similar materials — but not always.  

I work in four areas that I think of as quite separate.  I make jewelry for my inventory; I make custom jewelry for specific clients; I make more elaborate and eccentric jewelry for my heart and art; and I make beaded sculptures for my art.

The jewelry I make for my inventory is the work I refer to as eye candy or girls just want to have fun.  Shopping is a big part of what I do.  I go to bead shows, buy from individual bead makers or suppliers, online or in person, at auction, from antique or junk stores, flea markets, vintage beads and jewelry, pretty rocks or beach glass, bits and pieces of hardware store stuff — you know — the world is my mall.  Most of what I buy is not for a specific piece, rather I buy it because it appeals to me on some level:  shiny, pretty, interesting color, weird, textured, etc.  When I'm ready to sit down to work, one of these things will intrigue me and I make a piece of jewelry with it.

My custom jewelry is for a specific client.  She (or he — buying something for the woman in his life) shows me an outfit, tells me about an occasion, describes a look to me  — whatever way it comes about, I sit down and make a specific piece for a specific person.  I find this work extremely rewarding, as it is the result of good communication between people and it's about making people happy.

The jewelry I make for myself is special.  It is not always something I'm making for me to wear, but it is something that the creative part of me has been working on for awhile and needs to be made.  These pieces are usually bigger and more eccentric and closer to my heart.  Sometimes they are for sale, sometimes not, and sometimes I'll sell them later.

My adventure into beaded sculpture came into being when I joined a group called The Maze Project, led by my mentor, NanC Meinhardt.  (  There were 10 of us in the group and we met once a month for two years guided by NanC.  The goal was to help us find the place in ourselves where creativity lies, and learn how to use it to make our art. It was an incredibly rewarding experience.  My sculpture projects are big and take forever to come to life, one bead at a time.  Each time I finish one, I swear I'll never do it again.  But I keep starting the next piece.  Check out the Beaded Sculpture section of the site.  More will be added — but oh so slowly.  I am willing to take on commissioned work in this area.  Please contact me if you are interested.

There are a few other areas of my work.  Several times a year, I will have a show where a customer can see and buy my current inventory, as well as see the pieces I have been making for myself (see above).  Sometimes this is held at my studio, sometimes elsewhere.  I notify my customers of shows by mail or email.  Contact me ( or 650-598-0491) and I will be happy to send you a list of venues where I will be selling my jewelry in the next few months.

Every couple of months, a customer will host a jewelry party.  This is one of my favorite methods of doing business. The party is hosted by a customer, who invites her jewelry-loving friends and acquaintances to her home for socializing and shopping. The day of the event, I will show up early to set out my jewelry, and then the guests arrive to party and shop. I can take orders for custom pieces at the time, arrange for necessary alterations to pieces that they have chosen, etc. Some hostesses serve munchies, some decide to serve a meal. We all have a great time -- what could be better than a room full of women, shopping, eating and socializing! The hostess receives a Beadjoux jewelry credit toward whatever she buys that day or toward her next piece of custom jewelry.

I also give classes in jewelry-making, which may involve learning a technique, (e.g., working with gold or sterling silver wire, bead weaving, bead stringing, designing, working with color, etc.) or a project using some or all of the techniques.  The classes are held in my studio and can consist of simply you and me or a small group of your choosing.  

My studio is located on the San Francisco Peninsula, about half way between San Francisco and San Jose. I usually have inventory on hand, so if you would like to stop by and shop (or place your custom order in person), simply call and make an appointment. By the way, while I don't generally have photographs of earrings on the web site, I almost always have many earrings in my inventory.

Shelley Bond

The only thing that seperates Us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.
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